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185/60R15 Triangle PL01 New Winter Tire


Installation: $20
Levy: $5
Total: $107 + TAX
Rims/Wheels/TPMS Not Included
Total for 4 Tires: $428 + TAX

    185/60R15 Triangle PL01 New Winter Tire

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    185/60R15 Triangle PL01 New Winter Tire M+S+(Snowflake)

    Load Index: 88
    Speed Rating: R
    Product #1856015PL01

    (Wheel Not Included) 


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    Triangle PL01 New Winter Tire


    Triangle SnowLink PL01 is designed for driving in extreme winter conditions. Weather in ice or snow, the PL01 provides the required handling and grip to master the elements.

    V-TYPE AND VARIABLE DEPTH DIRECTIONAL GROOVES: High resistance to aquaplaning and improved handling in deep water and slush conditions.

    STAGGERED BLOCK ARRANGEMENT AND HIGH DENSITY RADIAL SIPES: Enhanced traction resulting in greater braking performance on snow and ice.

    DIRECTIONAL PATTERN WITH STRAIGHT CENTER LINE RIB DESIGN: Increased center line rigidity resulting in good straight-line handling at high speed

    OPTIMISED HIGH DISPERSION SILICA COMPOUND: Improved anti-skidding performance on ice and snow.

    OPTIMIZED MULTI-PITCH SHOULDER BLOCK SEQUENCE DESIGN: Smooth transition between blocks for improved acoustic comfort.

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